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Fort Minor

Album Updates and Info

Album Updates and Info
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24th Dc
okay... the album has been out now over a month, I've bought few copies and Christmas pressies too...
For any FM street teamers, if you've noticed any probs with finding the album in stores etc sign into the street team site and post on the thread on the MB so the bosses can look into it...
I know I have been having difficulty even finding any copies or any sort of instore promotion at all day of release in HMV in a couple of stores...
but keep plugging the album, its never too late...


Make sure you get your pre order in at the Official Fort Minor store for your Fort Minor Package...
or click the picture at the top of the page
FORT MINOR MILITIA [ 10/24/2005 ]
With your The Rising Tied album and Album Art T-shirt pre-order, you can opt to purchase a Fort Minor Militia Membership Package with it.

- Access to the members-only website
- DVD of Fort Minor videos
- Fort Minor stickers
- Fort Minor marker pen
- Letter from Mike Shinoda
- Opportunities to meet Fort Minor at future meet & greets
- Opportunity to buy concert tickets first

The FM.Militia has launched so pre-order your album with the membership package. Visit the
Fort Minor Militia website then for details. Check out the Fort Minor Official Store starting today for your pre-order of Fort Minor's The Rising Tied.
The forth coming album 'The Rising Tied' ~ Release date is set for 22nd November in the US, but UK release date will be 21st November.
Pre Order your copy now, there will be a number of different formats available, including a censored version and a Limited Edition Explicit CD & DVD


Update on Album and Special Edition format from Mike Shinoda and Linkin Parks Numb Journals [Oct 8]
Mike stopped by his Numb journal to talk about the album here's what he had to say..
SATURDAY - 10.08.05
by now you've seen the petrified and or believe me video. i've been seeing a ton of positive feedback on them--i'm glad you like them.

by the way, a new version of the believe me video will be out soon. it's not that different, the light effects are a little stronger and there's a cool effect in the chorus (that i won't spoil be telling you about).

in the U.S., petrified will be debuting on MTV2, MTVU, and FUSE next week. it's so good to catch the video on a bigger screen than the little computer windows.

one more bit of news: there will be a special edition of the album, out on the same day as the regular release. THE SPECIAL EDITION is really great, it had a 25-minute DVD, THREE extra songs (featuring Kenna, Holly Brook, and Lupe Fiasco) and extra art. trust me, you'll want to check for this one. it'll be on presale on the site as well...

anyway, that's it for now. talk to you later!
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