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Okay, been busy so now I'll just be updating with random stuff... any news well you know where to check out for that
Make sure if you can get to Arizona Next week 22nd April 2006 for the Club Tattoo Party... go for it... you know you want too... we'll be there
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Okay... i know I went walkies... I'm sure you're all uptodate on the who the where and the what any way so lets start from today...
Tour announced - see tour section...
US tour dates are up and on sale now... get your asses there!
I will be back soon with some info prob after Christmas cos I gotta go out now...
Later and have a good Holiday to you all

Mike stopped by the Fort Minor Militia and the forums with the following message about TRL in the US for Petrified Video
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Default Trl

guess who just entered the countdown on TRL?...thanks for all the support; we gotta keep it up in order to get the video higher. you're doing great work, keep it going!

vote here:

MIKE'S VOICEMAIL  [ 10/31/2005 ]
Mike has left a voicemail for the fans. To hear what he has to say, click on one of these options:

Windows Lo | Windows Hi | Quicktime


FORT MINOR RINGTONES  [ 10/31/2005 ]

Get your cell phone ringing with the new "Petrified" and "Remember The Name" ringtones. These Fort Minor ringtones are available now by texting the words "Fort Minor" to 73804 on your cell phone.
Sorry for the update delay, had a virus on my laptop, so now I'm back up and running here's the updates I had stored ready and waiting...
Update: It has been confirmed I will be going to all 3 European shows, so expect reviews on my return to the UK in November. Unfortunately due to other commitments and financing problems I had to change my plans to travel to LA....
If you haven't already the new look was launched on October 20th, so make sure you check out all the new features.
Mike has done some new interviews... here are the links...
Mike Shinoda - From Major to Minor [ 10/27/2005 ]
Check out new Mike's inteviews about Fort Minor now! has the Petrified Video...
Fort Minor's Petrified Video on and Real Guide 
Now the "Petrified" video also featured on and the Real guide:

Check out the album section for more information, but on Oct 21st the New FORT MINOR store opened ready for fans to pre-order the album and exclusive packages... and the all new FORT MINOR MILITIA
exclusive Fort Minor Fan Club...
Fort Minor's debut album, The Rising Tied, will be available for pre-order TODAY at the
Fort Minor Official Store.

The NEW Fort Minor Official Store has launched FOUR killer Pre-Orders to mark the release of THE RISING TIED. The release date for THE RISING TIED is November 22, but you may Pre-order it now, and we will ship it to arrive at your door on or around street date. Choose from one of the following bundles, all available at special discounted prices!

- "The Rising Tied" enhanced CD with Album Art T-shirt
- "The Rising Tied" Limited Edition CD+DVD with Album Art T-shirt
- "The Rising Tied" enhanced CD with Album Art T-shirt + Fort Minor Militia Membership Package
- "The Rising Tied" Limited Edition CD+DVD with Album Art T-shirt + Fort Minor Militia Membership Package

Get your Pre-Order in by Nov. 15 to ensure on time arrival.
Check out the Tour section for additional tour information... Fort Minor have been confirmed to perform at the Myspace Party in LA... (so bummed I didn't go now)
Fort Minor to perform at MySpace Two-Year Anniversary Party [ 10/22/2005 ]
Fort Minor is performing at the MySpace's Two-Year Anniversary Party on Saturday, October 29th! The concert will be held at Mesa Field at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The second round of tickets will go on sale on
Ticketmaster through starting Monday, Oct. 24 at 10am PT, but be on time because tickets sell out fast online. A limited number of tickets will also be available at 13 Vans store outlets in Southern California. Don't miss this first chance to see Fort Minor live in Los Angeles.

Check out Fort Minor's "Remember The Name" video now at Add Mike as your Top 8 MySpace friend to keep up to date with Mike's blogs and other Fort Minor news.
For Those in the US
Watch the "Petrified" video on MTV [ 10/25/2005 ]
Fort Minor's "Petrified" video will be featured as MTV TRL's First Look on Wednesday, Oct. 26! Tune into TRL on Wednesday at 5:00pm ET/PT for your first look at "Petrified" on
But those worldwide, get requesting anyway... and make sure you get your countries MTV's to get some video plays...
Ways to vote:
Go to and scroll down to the poll on the bottom left of the site and pick FORT MINOR. It is really important that Fort Minor is #1 on this poll so tell everyone you know and vote as much as you can!

You can now also vote for Fort Minor to be on the TRL countdown. Go to, pick Fort Minor, and enter the required information. You can vote as many times as you want so vote now and vote often!

Call 1-800-DIALMTV (1-800-342-5688)! To vote for by artist, press "1" and then enter the first 3 letters of your artist's first name. To vote by video, press "2" and then enter the first 3 letters of the song. Remember phone votes are much more important and count more than online votes so keep calling!

The TRL Countdown airs every day at 5pm ET/PT, 4pm CT


Note from Mike:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
What up!

Thanks for adding us... I'm really excited for you to hear the Fort Minor album (soon - Nov. 22). In the meantime, we're going to hit you with a special look at a video for "Remember The Name". It will be on the Fort Minor MySpace page this Thursday. Exclusive!!

If you add F.M. as a friend, you'll be kept in the loop with all the new news on Fort Minor and "The Rising Tied".

Keep in touch!


Mike Shinoda // Linkin Park // Fort Minor

Head over to Fort Minor on iTunes right now and let everyone know how much you like "Petrified" and "Remember The Name" by giving the tracks a positive review!

More shows added see Tour section for details


GREAT NEWS TODAY FOR UK AND GERMAN FANS.... They're coming back...

New Fort Minor Shows in Europe Announced [ 10/10/2005 ]

Heads up for all you Fort Minor fans in Europe! Two Fort Minor shows have just been confirmed for mid-November in London and Hamburg. If you're anywhere near these two cities, grab your tickets and make your way over there next month. Here's the info you need:

Nov. 14, 2005
London, England, UK
@ Mean Fiddler
Sway will be opening for Fort Minor

Nov. 16, 2005
Hamburg, Germany
@ Docks

Tickets go on sale starting TOMORROW for these Europe shows at all available outlets. Also stay tuned for information on the upcoming launch of the Fort Minor Militia, Fort Minor's official Fan Club where you will have exclusive access to Meet & Greets at these shows.

We'll be there...make sure you are!

Interview with with Mike Shinoda [Oct 9]
Thanks to well Mike for this one he posted on the Fort Minor Message Boards.
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Default interviews

W W W . M U S I C F O R R E L I E F . O R G
Fort Minor due to go on promoting tour of Europe in mid November [Oct 9]
Thanks to my overseas spy Lolo.
Ryu has posted on the Fort Minor boards that Fort Minor are due to come to Europe for Album promoting around mid November, Hamburg, Germany so far is the only mentioned location. More as it comes in.
Fort Minor "Believe Me" Video the first European single.
Fort Minor "Believe Me" is now being loaded to the UK Cable and digital request music channels.
Kerrang has had some airplay, we need to get it in the top request list by next get requesting...
Selection Code: 121
Phone Number: 09056525666
"Believe Me" Video on European TV is the First Version
Thanks to Ani and also for for this info on the new video
According to

"The video airing in europe and asia is a “first” version. We had to meet the deadline for international release, but then worked some more it. Same edit, but more refined work on the post production side. I’ll be posting a quicktime of it as soon as I get the green light from warner. Working with mike, ryu, tak, cheapshot and bobo was really great. Glad to be done, glad to be back home."
Aol Music now has the Fort Minor Page added, still awaiting aoluk to update though.

"Petrified" on FUSE's Daily Download TODAY! [ 10/7/2005 ]
Fort Minor's new video "Petrified" will be featured on FUSE's Daily Download TODAY, Oct 7th at 3PM PT / 6PM ET. For more information, visit
Fort Minor Show in Japan [10/7/05]
Thanks to the Fort Minor Forums, Fort Minor are listed to perform Blitz, Yokohama in Japan. Check out the Tour Section for details.

Now that you've all gotten your chance to hear 3 Fort Minor tracks "Remember the Name," "Petrified," and "Believe Me," off "The Rising Tied," in stores on Novemeber 22nd, it's time for your first look at the Fort Minor VIDEO for "Petrified".

The video has been added to the
Be A Fort Minor Producer player for all of you to preview. This video is the first off the album, so check it out and start passing around the player to everyone you know so they can enjoy it too. You can also view the video on

The website now has their Fort Minor page up, you can also check out the new 'Petrified' Video, the first US single.

Update & Fort Minor Board message posted by Mike Shinoda
Don't forget to visit the Fort Minor Forums for more information and to chat about your views on 'The Rising Tied'
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Default What Up

greetings and salutations. once again, sorry i can't stick around. we're under deadline after deadline to get material to you guys...

i did, however want to throw out there that (as some of you know) the video for PETRIFIED is finished, and you'll be seeing it soon.

thanks to all of you who have been calling into radio stations and requesting the music, and who plan to support the song(s) by voting with the video stations. keep up the great work, the word is spreading.

PS-for those in the U.S., FM will be up for voting on fuse's "oven fresh" soon.
W W W . M U S I C F O R R E L I E F . O R G

See Fort Minor live in Los Angeles! [01/10/2005]
Fort Minor will be appearing LIVE in Los Angeles!
Here are the details:
Fort Minor opening for Mos Def
Thursday, November 3rd
Universal Amphitheatre
Los Angeles, CA

Fort Minor on MySpace[ 9/27/2005 ]

Fort Minor now has its own official MySpace website
Make your way to and add Fort Minor as your MySpace friend. Post a comment for Mike about what you think of the music and the Be a FM Producer player so far, or what you are anticipating for the 11/22 release of The Rising Tied. Send to all your friends through AIM, email, messageboard postings, and chatrooms and tell them to add Fort Minor to their MySpace too!

For all you gamers out there check this out

The Official Fort Minor Player NBA Live EA soundtrack

Fort Minor Newsletter: Every Monday a new weekly release of a different layer of Fort Minor's Remember the Name track are released in the "Be a Fort Minor Producer" studio environment. Check out the player now to see the new synthesizer portion of the track just released today. After all 6 tracks are released, this player will host your first listen of the NEW Fort Minor Single. Check out the Fort Minor Player now. If you're a gamer be on the look out for the Fort Minor track "Remember The Name" that will be included on EA's NBA LIVE 06, released on September 29. Press release here

Mike Shinoda will release his much anticipated hip hop side project under the name, Fort Minor, on November 22nd on Linkin Park's label Machine Shop Recordings / Warner Bros. Records.  The album entitled The Rising Tied is executive produced by Jay-Z and features collaborations with a variety of well-known artists including Black Thought, Linkin Park's Joe Hahn and new Machine Shop artists Styles of Beyond and Holly Brook.  The album is produced by Shinoda, who not only wrote every track, but played nearly every instrument as well.
"The Fort Minor record is all about getting back to basics in hip hop, both sonically and for me personally," shared Shinoda.  "And working with Jay-Z again has been phenomenal.  We can't wait for people to hear the final product."
Currently the club 12" "Petrified"/"Remember the Name" is being shipped to club and mix show DJ's nationwide.  Both tracks will be available for download starting October 4th online.
Shinoda is half the vocal firepower of the multi-platinum, Grammy-winning band Linkin Park, trading diaphragmatic diatribes with singer Chester Bennington and infusing the searing alternative rock with equally intense hip-hop. 
Fort Minor is a wholly unique, unadulterated hip hop album, owing as much to Shinoda's polished lyricism as his musical adeptness.  The variety of themes, styles and moods he creates make this side project likely to do much more than simply satisfy existing Linkin Park fans; it threatens to expose Shinoda as a rap devotee who is as at home in hip hop as he is in the cross-genre hybrid of Linkin Park. 
Multiple Grammy Award-winning group Linkin Park has sold over 35 million records worldwide in just five years.  Their first album, Hybrid Theory, has been certified platinum 18 times, and their second album, Meteora, ten times.  In collaboration with Jay-Z they also released six tracks on a groundbreaking EP, Collision Course, which garnered rave reviews.  They plan to release their next album in Spring 2006. 
In addition, Linkin Park established Music For Relief with the Red Cross in January 2005 to help aid victims of world catastrophes, the first being the Tsunami in Southeast Asia.  For more information on Linkin Park, Fort Minor and Music For Relief, please log on to,, or